Bimini's has been THE place for fresh seafood on Myrtle Beach for more than thirty years. While seafood restaurants come and go on the strip, getting bigger and more outrageous by the season, Bimini's prides itself on its friendly parrothead atmosphere, easygoing conversations between locals and visitors, and absolutely, positively the best seafood in Myrtle Beach, full stop, bar none, end of story. It's all served by a friendly staff that actually loves working in such a cool spot, and laid back bartenders who know how to pour a beer and mix a good drink.

If you really want to know what Bimini's is all about, just check out the reviews below. You'll hear from our customers exactly what we promise: fresh seafood, cold drinks, and a cool local vibe. That's the secret of our little oyster bar, and just maybe the secret of life itself. Come visit us and you'll see why at Bimini's, there are no bad days.



"Bimini's is one of the best seafood places I've been to in MB yet. You definitely get your money's worth, whether you get a grilled dinner or a pot of shellfish." — Rob B. 

"My family goes here every year at least twice in the week we stay in Myrtle. It's not super fancy, but where do you think you are. Shorts and flip flops. Oh yeah, the hush puppies and honey butter are a delight. You really can't go wrong at this place. Don't miss it. " — Mike G.

"Happy hour prices can't be beat for the quality and portions. NO frills no fuss, absolutely nothing fancy to look at. Just damn good food." — Tanya S.

"This place has some excellent seafood for a great price. If you want oysters, shrimp, crab legs and more without all of the kitschy glamor, this is the place to go. Must have the seafood pot with raw oysters as an appetizer. " — Carrie M.

"This is THE best seafood place in myrtle south myrtle and north myrtle. I come here every single time I'm here at the beach. The Mali fingers are my favorite. I've never had a bad meal here.. also the clams are worth getting! They're worth the money and not tiny like some places. We love BIMINIS!!!!" — Paris S.