"This is the perfect dive bar. I mean that in the best way." — Dave F.


The Happiest happy hour in myrtle beach

A wise man once said, "Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name." Bimini's is that kind of spot, where the locals and tourists alike have been enjoying good times and cold drinks for more than thirty years. The spirit of our entire little parrothead bar is best experienced during our daily happy hours from 4-6PM. Whether it's a twofer drink special,  a sweet deal on one of our  shareable appetizers (mmmmm conch fritters nomnomnom), or something crazy we dream up that morning, you'll be able kick back and relax with old friends or maybe even make some new ones. 


Huge selection of domestic and imported beers

It takes a great bar to make a great oyster bar, and it takes great beer to make a great bar, so obviously we're a great oyster bar, so...well... well now we've gone and confused ourselves, but the point is we have a fantastic selection of domestic and import beers, bottles and taps. All the big brands are here—Bud and Miller and the like—as well as a few handpicked craft beers you'll love to try. Whether you're into lagers, IPAs, or stouts, lemons or limes or keep-that-fruit-away-from-my-beer, we've got a pint or a mug or a tall boy with your name on it. 


Oyster shooters and specialty drinks

We couldn't call ourselves a Myrtle Beach bar if we didn't have some seriously great cocktails. Let's start with our famous oyster shooters: take a chilled oyster from our ultra-fresh supply, add a splash of hot sauce, and finish it with barely enough lager to chase it. It's a spicy, fizzy, completely delicious shot that you've got to experience at least once, and you'll probably want to experience a lot more. We've also got cool blue margaritas, the tried-and-true oceanside classic Sex on the Beach, and a whole range of tropical cocktails that make every visit to Bimini's just a little more awesome. we make our drinks right and we make our drinks fast. Now don't expect some crazy fishbowl-sized glass with a bunch of toys swimming around in your alcohol (seriously, these tourist traps have got to stop with the novelty drinks), but do expect great cocktails with a ton of flavor and just the right kick.

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