Local Vibe

"Love this local seafood joint!  Came here on our yearly trip, and definitely making this a yearly stop!" — Ted C.


A local favorite since 1985

Myrtle Beach restaurants come and go, but Bimini's has been holding steady for more than thirty years. You see, we're a local place with local owners and a local crowd. We don't have some corporate bean counter sitting in an office thinking up a bunch of silly promotions that will ruin our good time. We just stick to what we do best: unbelievably fresh seafood, prepared simply and served quickly, washed down with a cold drink and always backed up by great service and friendly conversation. We think that's what made Myrtle Beach great in the first place, and that's what Bimini's is going to keep on doing.


Laid Back and Family friendly

We absolutely are NOT a fancy tourist trap. We don't have nine thousand televisions on the walls and we don't serve our seafood on fine china. We keep things simple at Bimini's because we want our little oyster bar to be a place where everybody can come and hang out and relax and unwind, whether that's after a day of hitting all the amusements on the strip, surfing on the beach, or maybe just after a long day at work. We love it that we can have a bunch of regulars at the bar and a family of eight at a table a few feet away, all having a great time on their own terms. We help things along by being on the ball with our service and, of course, serving the freshest, most mouthwatering seafood you'll find anywhere.


Don't Take our word for it

We love our little seafood joint and we can't help but brag about it, but if you really really want to get a feel for what Bimini's is all about, then just head over to our Yelp! page and see what our customers are saying about us. Some of them are minute-by-minute, bite-by-bite detailed descriptions of visits and some of them are just a few sentences of recommendation, but they all say that we're a place with great seafood, great vibe, and totally worth the wait. Nothing makes us prouder than when our customers let us know we're doing a good job, and nothing would make us happier than if you let us show you what Bimini's is all about on your visit to Myrtle Beach.

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